Leveraging Gen X Marketing for Trust and Loyalty

How to Leverage Gen X Marketing to Build Trust and Loyalty

Gen X is the generation between baby boomers and millennials. They are skeptical of brands and marketing, but can become brand loyal if marketers take the time to build trust.

They are nostalgic, so marketing to them can involve triggering memories related to past events, old TV commercials, or music from the past. They also like to read reviews and management responses to those reviews before making a purchase.

1. Invest in a verified account

Whether it’s the blue checkmark of verification, affiliation badges symbolising partnerships and endorsements, or professional category labels highlighting expertise, X badges and labels have the power to elevate your profile. However, leveraging them requires a clear strategy and dedicated account support elements.

Despite its challenges, X continues to offer unique opportunities for digital marketing. By staying updated on algorithm changes, being proactive in engagement, and creating compelling content, you can harness the power of this social platform. Moreover, with its new on-profile job listings feature, it’s easier than ever to attract the right talent. Despite the monthly subscription, getting verified on X is worth it.

2. Create specialised X lists

The X platform has evolved into a versatile tool for brands to reach and engage their audience. With 280 characters, a range of visual features, and targeted advertising options, X offers businesses an effective way to stay visible and relevant. Its real-time nature also provides a powerful channel for direct communication and customer service, which builds brand trust and loyalty. Despite its challenges, X can be a valuable part of any digital marketing strategy. By staying adaptable and creating engaging content, you can maximise its potential.

3. Get verified on X

After a break, X has rebooted its verification tool. This time around, it’s more geared towards organizations who want to stand out with a gold checkmark and priority exposure.

Getting verified on X requires an active X Premium subscription and meeting the eligibility criteria. The process will also include ID confirmation via an in-app camera feature with Israeli forensic identity intelligence company Au10tix.

A verified account will give your tweets more visibility on Twitter. This is especially important if you’re looking to build up a following or promote your brand. You’ll also receive fast, dedicated support from Twitter. Those perks might help you justify the $1,000 monthly subscription.

4. Create unique content

A content strategy that caters to your buyer persona is the bedrock of marketing. Whether you’re aiming for blog posts, videos, Slideshares, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, podcasts or whatever else your creative mind can conceive, creating unique content is key to converting prospects into customers.

Stay Adaptable

Digital marketing professionals need to keep up with X’s ever-evolving features and policies. For example, X’s new “link preview” feature may impact how marketers share content on the platform.

Likewise, a new X feature that allows verified creators to gather follower emails could be an important tool for small and medium businesses. Staying up to date on these changes can help ensure a robust and effective X marketing strategy.

5. Engage in proactive commenting

Whether you’re a news brand, a political figure or a business that curates pop culture content, having an active presence on X can be beneficial. However, with X being a popular app for news and current events, it’s important to do some research into what your audience is using X for and how they interact with other accounts on the platform before making the decision to be proactive on X. Proactive commenting is a great way to extend your reach by engaging with other users’ public posts, especially those that have high engagement. This can lead to increased visibility, more profile views and new followers.

6. Build a community

Today’s consumers expect communication that is relevant and personalized to their interests. A strong community can bridge this gap and increase brand loyalty by providing the means to exchange information between a company and its customers.

A successful community strategy allows brands to collect feedback, seed product reviews, host discussions and deliver exclusive promotional offers to a targeted audience. This helps to drive conversion and build brand awareness.

In order to develop a strong community, marketers need to identify their audience and understand what motivates them. This allows them to create useful, interesting and highly relevant content that emotionally appeals to their audience.

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